The Worst Movie You've Never Seen - The Protector 2 (Episode #7)

They say that sequels are never as good as the originals, and seldom is that proven wrong.  With The Protector 2, they have never been so right.

I loved The Protector.  It had lightning fast combat and Tony Jaa (the next coming of Jackie Chan at the time) did all of his own stunts and looked amazing doing them.  There's a one take fight scene that goes through levels of a Thai restaurant in the first one that might be one of my favorite fight scenes of all time.

Imagine my disappointment when the second released and...

1.  Had the same plot as the first one (seriously...someone takes his elephant).

2. Had CGI that looked like it was done as a 9th grade project.

3. Had green screen that looked like it was done in someone's living room.

4. Had more wire work than braces on a middle school kid.

5. Featured RZA as the least menacing bad guy ever.

Fuck this movie.  Seriously.  Tony Jaa goes against everything Ong Bak and The Protector stood for and made this pile of garbage.  I went ahead and took the liberty of making a short video highlighting all of the terrible, terrible CGI work with some bonus footage of how badly this movie sucks.  Just watch it and never, ever watch The Protector 2.