Kung Fury (2015)

Your pecs are epic.

In late 2013, Swedish filmmaker David Sandberg started a Kickstarter campaign for his 80's fever dream, Kung Fury. He posted a trailer, and on the strength of that, netted over $600,000 to complete the film (falling short of his $1,000,000 feature length goal). A few years and thirty minutes later, we have Kung Fury, which is available on YouTube now.

The story is comedically absurd. A cop sees his partner killed before his eyes by a ninja. At that same time, he's both struck by lightning and bitten by a cobra, turning into a kung-fu master named Kung Fury. He goes back in time to kill Hitler (Kung Fuhrer) because Hitler came to the future to kill Kung Fury. It's as batshit crazy as it sounds. The actors spew cheesy dialogue ripe for the times, and the acting is as bad as intentionally bad gets. We're not watching Kung Fury for that.

We're watching for the visuals, the feel of the 80's, which Sandberg nails. On a shoestring budget, he made something that is insanely entertaining and so much fun to watch. A car jumps a ramp, our main character jumps to the hood, firing his gun at an arcade machine that's terrorizing a downtown area...this, yes this, is the movie we're watching. Nothing is impossible, nothing is off limits. It's a ridiculous amount of fun.

I think Sandberg has earned thirty minutes of your time. To be able to create this movie - largely in his office - is a feat in and of itself...and on a budget like $600,000, it really does show you that with the technology available today, anything is possible. Watch Kung Fury below for free.

Final Score: A