The James Bond Challenge (2015)

I see a lot of movies. That being said, it's a bit embarrassing for me to say that the James Bond series has been a pretty big blind spot for me.

I was 14 years old when I saw my first James Bond film - 1995's Goldeneye. I loved it, a feeling that only grew once I got into the Nintendo 64 game of the same name (which I sunk hours - nay, days into when I was in high school). I watched the next three Brosnan films, but they never had the same effect on me that Goldeneye did. I don't really even remember them, although I know I didn't like them. In 2006, Daniel Craig emerged as the new 007 - Casino Royale and Skyfall were both excellent movies (Quantum of Solace...was not). That's the extent of my James Bond experience. 7 out of 23 movies.


In November of this year, Spectre will hit theaters. That's 24 weeks from now. That means that if I can manage to watch 1 James Bond movie per week until then, I'll be 100% caught up on 007. Can I handle that many one-liners and quips? Is that too many gadgets, fast cars, loose women & crazed villains? 

I guess we'll find out. I've got some movies to watch. First up, 1962's Dr. No.