Hi there! If you’re here, you’re probably looking for a bit more information about me and what I can do.

My background as a trainer is extensive, with over five years of experience in various training mediums, which you’ll find details of below. Using the ADDIE model, I’ve helped to build entire training programs for a multi-billion dollar sector of Best Buy’s business, some of which are still in use today.

Check out some of my work below, and please contact me at jason.kleeberg@gmail.com if you’d like more information or to speak further.

“Kleeberg is a professional who meets deadlines.”
— Jamie Orris, Best Buy Category Manager
“Top notch. Model of what we should look for when building a training team.”
— Mendi Boss, Pacific Sales Director of Field Operations

Video Work

Part of any modern company’s training plan is probably going to include video. The way people learn today has been transformed by content providers like YouTube and Vimeo, providing learning opportunities at all times and lengths. I have an extensive background in video production - I was editing my first three-act dramatic projects at age 12 on my family’s VHS-C video camera. Since then, I’ve had projects entered into film festivals (my short, “Bad Luck, Guns, and Diamonds", showed at the East Bay Film Festival in 2001), I’ve won a Telly Award for “Work, Harder”, a TV pilot which I wrote and starred in (2007), and I ran a moderately successful YouTube channel based around awful movies up until 2013. I’ve starred in and produced several pieces of video content for Best Buy, some of which you can see below!

When I started teaching Connected Home trainings, I developed this video as an intro to what was possible.

This master was cut up into several short videos to highlight million dollar writers for Pac SAS stores.

This video was an intro for a game-themed Mobile training based around keeping long term customers…

…and this was played near the first break during training.

This blast from the past won my SAS team Powermat products back in 2010. We put it together and edited it over the course of a few hours.

This was our entry into the Samsung Note contest, also in 2010. This was also put together and edited within a few hours.

“Jason is a model for how our trainers should execute for our company. His ability to stay on course, deliver the message, and keep the team engaged is world class.”
— Greg Coleman, Pacific Sales District Manager
“Jason has been very on purpose with reaching out to build relationships/partnerships and has done an outstanding job of learning/understanding the Pac business.”
— Scott Alm, Pacific Sales District Manager

Written Work

In any production, the words on the page are the foundation from the project’s inception. They’re a common ground that everyone works from, the building blocks that provide direction for an entire project. I wrote my first full length screenplay (“Shadows of Chicago”) in 2003. The first screenplay I actively shopped, “The Gumshoe” (2012) landed in the hands of Josh Hutcherson at one point. Most recently, my screenplay for “Cheap Heat”, (a dark comedy based on the world of Indy Wrestling) scored a 6 on The Blacklist, and I’m working on a pilot episode for a TV series called “Devil’s Island”. I have used both Final Draft and Celtx extensively.

Below are a few examples from those most recent screenplays.


With the ability to display information from simple presentations to complex media presentations, the long time staple of in-person trainings has been Microsoft PowerPoint. When I started with the training team, I had very little PowerPoint experience. Starting with simple revisions and modifications, I learned how to use the program, and worked my skill level up to the point that I was able to build the entire first run for the Pacific Sales 101 and 201 classes on my own.

Above is a small sample from my 101 deck (I can provide the full version if requested, but because this site is public, I cannot post the full version). Unfortunately, the embedded version lacks both the smooth transitions and the exquisite 16x9 full screen presentation that the original version contains. It’s a beautiful deck that I’m quote proud of and one that I converted to the traditional Best Buy color scheme for the MASS classes as well.