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FOR FANS OF: A John Legend that can rap, Anderson .Paak

From The Philharmonik's Spotify: The newest member of the Sol Life record label, The Philharmonik brings a revitalizing sense of urgency and musical depth to the shallows of the current mainstream music landscape. Talented and versatile, passionate and personal, The Philharmonik is a refreshingly creative force whether singing, rapping, producing, playing keys, or engineering a session.

I can't argue with any of that. This man is extremely talented. The first impression I get is that this is like a John Legend who can rap when he wants to. This definitely isn't strictly a rap album. His track Good Day shows off his piano and singing skills, and really feels like something slower from Legend's Get Lifted. He shows his singing versatility here with Immediate Gratification, which sounds a bit like Anderson .Paak - less polished and a bit more free. Neon Lights is drenched in funk - think Childish Gambino's Awaken My Love.

My favorite track here is one of the singles, Mama's House, which also has the lone feature (Hobo Johnson). A lot of people are rubbed the wrong way by Hobo Johnson's style, but I think it works's oozing with emotion and honesty. The Philharmonik described his inspiration for the song - "There is no greater insecurity for a 23 year-old millennial than living in your moms house while watching your friends and colleagues progress into adulthood. Societal pressure to become financially stable and independent in your 20s while pursuing a music career can be pretty stressful physically, emotionally, and mentally" and this track highlights all of that.

The Philharmonik is so talented. I urge you to check him out. There's something for everyone here.