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FOR FANS OF: Joey Bada$$, Pro Era, Early 90's NYC

Chuck Strangers is one of Pro Era's producers, but apparently he's got raps as well. This project feels like 90's, dusty NYC corner rap. It's jazzy, it's's a very easy listen. A few of his Pro Era teammates make appearances - Joey Bada$$ makes a few and Kirk Knight tags in on Thoro Hall. Issa Gold (half of the Underachievers) is the only non-Pro Era name on here. Fresh (below) was produced by Alchemist, but has an amazing beat switch in the middle of the track.

Yo it's a John Stark reality, New York mentality
Faded and miseducated, twenty-four years he made it
Now niggas can express they selves, yo
Sometimes I need to be alone
Turn off the MP', shut off my phone and just zone

The bottom line on this project is: if you like Joey Bada$$ or old school Nas, listen to Consumers Park. It's a small slice of NYC aesthetic that you just shouldn't miss. Strangers is growing into his "rapping" persona, and it needs a bit of work (he's no Joey Bada$$), but he's got enough personality to carry the project and the beats are immaculate.