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FOR FANS OF: Common, Jazzy Hip-Hop, Live Instrumentation

At it's core, August Greene is really a Common album with live instrumentation provided on behalf of producers Robert Glasper and Karriem Riggins. If you're into any of these guys, this trio is a dream. Common's rhymes are on point and the live backing band is fantastic. It's a refreshing break from the current noisy rap scene and feels like more music made for adults. It's not perfect - the band tends to wander at the end of some songs, but while Common's voice is guiding them, it's amazing.

They body snatchin' black girls in DC
Politics and propaganda on the TV
Distractions, distractin' us from action
It's time for some, time for some passion
There's no time for patience or time for communication
Or time for formation, a time when it's overflow, a time when it's wastin'

I was shocked at how little attention this album got until I realized that you can only get the album through's music service. I don't know what kind of deal they got, but I hope it was worth it, because most hip-hop fans use Apple Music, Spotify, Google Music, or Tidal for their tunes. The good news is that's it's available to listen to with a Prime membership, so if you have one of those, check it out here.