Overlooked & Underrated is a column about projects that I feel were either overlooked or underrated and need more attention. There's no hard criteria for this, but generally I look at the amount of reception on social media/blogs and things like plays/YouTube views. If you'd like to submit music, email me at cranberrymoonwalkmusic@gmail.com.


FOR FANS OF: Da Shogunz, Blabbermouf, Organized Konfusion

I don't know a whole lot about Ellmatic. I think he's from Holland. I'm pretty sure he was (is?) in the group Het VerZet in the Netherlands, but that's about it. I was clued into his album because I love Blabbermouf, and he's featured on two tracks here. The production sounds Shogun-esque, which I dig, and Ellmatic sounds like a slowed down Blabbermouf, which I quite like (Blabbermouf can be tough to get into for some people because he's so "rapid-fire").

Connect a sentence in patterns, chose the pen as my weapon I’m slamming

Wrestling with syllables to give you an extra visual in dynamics

If rap’s a game, EllMatic got the maddest graphics, improve my level of skills on how to prevent things from crashing

If you dig the rest of the stuff I post, there's no way you won't like Ellmatic. He feels polished with the pen - I hear Organized Konfusion and KRS One here - and he has really great beats from a plethora of producers.