729 / GREETINGS. (2018)

Overlooked & Underrated is a column about projects that I feel were either overlooked or underrated and need more attention. There's no hard criteria for this, but generally I look at the amount of reception on social media/blogs and things like plays/YouTube views. If you'd like to submit music, email me at cranberrymoonwalkmusic@gmail.com.


FOR FANS OF: Jazzy Hip-Hop, Spacey Beats, Flatbush Zombies

This one is really under the radar. The first time I heard 729's Windin' Zpirit on YouTube, it had 5 views. One day later, there are 16. 729 is a joint EP from Birmingham, Alabama rapper Ozu and rapper/producer Erthling. I first heard of Erthling last year because I really dug his project Magical Realizm. I had never heard of Ozu before. Erthling handles production only here, so my expectations going in were curbed having never heard of Ozu, but he can spit. His voice is rough and unpolished, and almost resembles Tyler, The Creator sonically. The beats are jazzy and a bit dusty, just the way I like them.

The EP is only 4 tracks, so it's a very quick, digestible project. I hope it's not the last we see from this pair. Unfortunately, as I write this, the project isn't available on streaming services. You can find the whole EP over at HiveMuzik.