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FOR FANS OF: Jazzy Hip-Hop, Mid-90's East Coast, Soul Samples

It's hard to say whose part I like more on this project - Awon's vocals or Phonik's production. This is their third joint together (even more if you count the Awon/Phoniks/Dephlow projects) and I feel like they've really hit their stride. Awon has been prolific, but I feel like he's always at his best riding a beat from Phoniks.

The only reason I work for hourly wages
Is to stay out of cages and forced labor enslavement
But I'm back on the pavement, damn near famous
My name ring bells and Frank Gallagher shameless

The best description for Awon here is smooth. There are a few well placed guest verses - Anti-Lilly, who's also worked with Phoniks on a few projects of his own, kills his verse on True to the Facts. Skyzoo and Hex One also make appearances.

As for Phoniks's beats, there's nothing to dislike here. Bouncy, jazzy, soul sampled vibes compliment Awon perfectly. The hook for the aforementioned track True to the Facts is comprised of lines from Method Man, KRS One, etc., and somehow he makes it work. There's really not one beat on here that is weak. Phoniks is quickly becoming one of my favorite producers. I simply love his style, and I know that we'll be seeing a lot of him on here.

Listen to True to the Facts, and if you like the style, dive into the rabbit hole that is Phoniks production discography. His albums with Anti-Lilly, Dephlow, and even his remix albums are all great.