Overlooked & Underrated is a column about projects that I feel were either overlooked or underrated and need more attention. There's no hard criteria for this, but generally I look at the amount of reception on social media/blogs and things like plays/YouTube views. If you'd like to submit music, email me at cranberrymoonwalkmusic@gmail.com.


FOR FANS OF: Hi-Tek, No ID, Masta Ace

Zoom and DJ Rectape are 2 of the 13 Looters from France. This record was a chance for them to show off their beat crafting skills while recruiting some capable rappers to ride the beats. It came to my attention because there was a feature from Masta Ace, one of my favorite rappers of all time, on the track Smart Dummies. Ace delivers, of course, but it's clear even from this opening track that this is going to be a showcase for the producers. The beats are jazzy, old school but bouncy. If you like Hi-Tek, Guru, No ID, you'll like this.

The feature list is pretty robust. Joining Masta Ace, we've got Big Shug, Shine Sinatra, EdOG, and M-Dot. My favorite track is actually Tedium feat. M-Dot, which features a chipmunk sample and scratching reminiscent of older Haysoos/Wade Waters production.

Check this tape out because these guys deserve your attention. If you like what you hear here, go back and see their work on the Frankie Chops tapes, which feature a 70's theme. Check them out on Bandcamp here, and buy it if you like it.