Overlooked & Underrated is a column about projects that I feel were either overlooked or underrated and need more attention. There's no hard criteria for this, but generally I look at the amount of reception on social media/blogs and things like plays/YouTube views. If you'd like to submit music, email me at cranberrymoonwalkmusic@gmail.com.


FOR FANS OF: 9th Wonder, Slum Village

Elzhi is a master with the pen, and his lyrics are the main event on Jericho Jackson. He's equal parts braggadocio & introspection on here, which is par for the course with Elzhi. What sets him apart from the pack is his penchant for finding clever ways to say the same thing everyone else is already rapping about.

Come up with some new rhyme schemes and patterns
Different cadences, accurate wordplay
You'd think it can't exist for slow snails, pedecured toenails, and five-star hotels
At the W taking no Ls
Lounging with a gorgeous view from the balcony
Create gold bars by pushing lead call it alchemy

He's sharp as ever, and hopefully the effort he put in on Jericho Jackson will bring lapsed fans (who left as Lead Poison was rolling out...who can forget that awful Kickstarter) back into the fold.

I was surprisingly lukewarm with Khrysis's beats on this project. Clearly he's capable of classics - The Away Team's "The Shining" proved that years ago, but I found a lot of his beats here a bit bland and lacking something to perk my ears up. The clear standout for me is To-Do List, which allows Elzhi to flow over a smooth mafioso track. The second half of the record has stronger beats, but there's nothing here aside from the aforementioned track that makes me want to listen to the instrumentals.

Overall, I do enjoy the project and find myself spinning it often, mostly for Elzhi's bars.