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I’m from the old school, where there wsa never a desire to add or remove moisture to a room. The humidity in a room was what it was, and if you wanted more, you moved to Florida, if you wanted less, you moved to Arizona. I’d always seen these in stores and thought, “What’s the point?”, but now we have a baby and when he got sick, the doctor recommended a humidifier for the room to help with his cough and congestion. We chose this unit because of the look and the features.


In terms of look, it’s sleek and modern. A lot of humidifiers are boxy and white - something you wouldn’t want sitting on your shelf at home. I didn’t want something I’d have to put away and take out every night. The Vornado looks great - it’s a two tiered look, the right is for the water reservoir and the left is the control panel. It’s a grey color so it looks good on a shelf. The lights are soft and one small light strip will glow purple, pink, or orange based on the temperature you have it set at. I know some people have complained about the lights flashing when it’s out of water, but it didn’t effect us that much. I never woke up because of it. As far as I can see, you cannot turn the display off, so if that’s a dealbreaker for you, it might be something to look at. For me, it doesn’t bug me. It’s not as bright as some would have you believe.


In terms of features, we’ve got three different temperatures of water, which I suppose is nice. It’s got cool, warm, and hot mists. It’s got a digital humidity read, so you can set the humidity percentage in the room. It also has a timer for the night. It’s advertised at up to 36 hours on one tank (we have the one gallon tank version), but I haven’t seen anywhere near that - my guess is that you can get 36 hours on cool with the lowest humidity setting. On warm (at 50% humidity), we see about 8 hours or so. On cool, we get longer. Again, not a big deal. It’s easy to refill the tank - lift, fill, and place back in. There are no filters needed, which is a huge plus.


Personally, I see no need for humidifiers. I’ve gone my whole life without one, and now using one for a month, I can’t tell a difference in sleep, health, etc. Some of you probably can though, and if you’re one of those people who get a benefit out of these machines, I’d say this is a good one to get. It looks nice, seems well made, and does what it advertises.