I’d probably never throw my old pairs of underwear out if my wife didn’t force me to. The “one pair in, one pair out” philosophy normally works. Buy one, toss one. Needless to say, it was time for a few fresh pairs. I had heard about Mack Weldon underwear because they are advertised on a few podcasts that I listen to, but I was never motivated to pull the trigger. My wife bought me a few pairs for Christmas to purge a few out, so here we are.

The first thing I noticed is that they are all very soft. She bought me three pairs, but they’re each a different kind (although all are for daily use). There’s the 18-Hour Jersey Boxer Briefs, the Silver Boxer Briefs, and the AIRKNITX boxer briefs. The AIRKNITX are the most distinct, with what looks almost like thermal knitting. They fit a bit small (if you’re normally a large, try the XL), but they are very comfortable. They don’t ride up the leg like some tight boxer briefs can do, which is nice. I haven’t gone hiking in them or been too active at work, so I can’t tell you about the sweat/odor part that they advertise. So far, I’m not sure if they’re the game changer that Mack Weldon claims they are, but they’re definitely nice pairs of underwear.

I don’t know if I’d spend $30 on a pair of underwear for myself - I hardly spend that on jeans or shorts. I think the real judgement on these will be made a few months in. If they’re holding up well, maybe that $30 is well spent. I have countless pairs of underwear that the elastic on the legs have loosened up or have holes in the hip area. If they hold up for a while, it may be better spending more on one pair than spending less on multiples just to rebuy another multi-pack a year later.

My wife also got me a pair of Mack Weldon socks. I wear dress shoes for work, so it’s always nice to have a fresh pair of socks to slip into them, but I honestly didn’t feel much of a difference (aside from the fact that they seemed to go a lot higher up the ankle than most of my dress socks). It wasn’t like “walking on air”, as they advertise, but the quality seems nice.