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If you’ve never been to an Escape Room, the premise is very simple: you and others (family, teammates, etc.) are “locked” in a room (most of the time there’s a theme or a story), and you have to use clues within that room to find your way out within an hour. Some escape rooms offer clues from the game master, but they’re optional. You and your counterparts need to put your heads together to solve the puzzles needed to escape within the time limit, or you die. Okay, you don’t die, but you will hang your heads in shame.

Limitless is the third escape room that I’ve been to. When we arrived at 8:30pm, I thought they might be closed - the building is very unassuming and has tinted glass on the outside so it looked like the lights were off. No one else in my party had been to one (a party of nine), so it was pretty fun seeing them work their way through how the room functions. The room we were in was a pirate based “Kraken” story - get out within the hour or the Kraken comes back to destroy you. The decor in the room was appropriate, but nothing that made me say, “WOW!”. I’d call it serviceable. Although the company allows limitless clues (hence their name), we only needed two to escape. I believe the room we were in was a beginners room, so it’s a great place to start your escape room journey.

The service in-house is where Limitless shined in my eyes. We were helped by Julia, and she was great. Had a sense of humor and joked around with us. She was there when we needed her to be. She was the only person we saw there. She took great care of us.

I’d recommend Limitless as an experience, especially if it’s your first time. The other rooms they have (a bank heist room and a moon smuggling operation room) may be more elaborately decorated and I may go back to find out. If you’ve been to some of the really elaborate rooms, this may be too drab for your tastes (I went to one in Denver where you were locked in a magic shop, and it really looked like a full blown magic shop).