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There’s nothing worse than that walk of shame, strolling out of the bathroom after doing major damage. We can’t control what it smells like…but this spray can.


Unlike normal aerosol cans of air freshener, it only takes a spritz of this to mask any scent in that bathroom, and it actually smells really good! The key here is to spritz the bowl before you do anything - this saves your nose along with whoever is walking in after you. This helps in our family - we have a lot of get togethers at the house.


The bottle is small enough to fit anywhere (we keep ours on the toiletry shelf right above the toilet), which is a plus. One bottle advertises that it’ll mask your dirty deeds around 70 times, and I believe that. It’s safe for your plumbing and it’s all natural, which helped me make my decision to purchase.

Wife loves it too. The first time she used it, she commented on how good it smelled. That’s how I knew this was a winner.